15 April 2009

Out and Out

one aim

two buyers

3 slices left

four hysterical

five choices

Nothing much remembered, we’re all merely shoppers, not always knowing where we are going or what we want, but our goal is the same. Footstep is a good tourist guard. I was quite driven by sales, life’s little shortcuts. And some of my friend too. But that’s only if our purse is full of money. No money, no shopping bags! We are addicted to arcade as well. At bowling Alley, just pray to the pins, and leave sacrifices. I really enjoy my bowling game this morning. We have a good time and always stuck our head up laughing hysterically and I knew, everyone annoyed us there. I choose to be a fourth player among my friend. Seriously, a lane next to us is a professional one. Whenever a strike "X" appears on their screen, I felt like to start start yelling about how this is a Black Panther conspiracy. Shit. If you are not a pro, I suggest that; every time you throw exclaim "TAKE THAT, YOU JERKS!" Continue this behavior until it forcefully thrown out! I should name my ball something like "KILLER". Openly boast to everyone how great I am, throw like a wimp, and do this all day. And so.. Until my last turn to drop ball, I failed to strike. What a busted points left. Seriously. Then I turned back, looked at the screen, happily ever after and screamed: “Yay! I’m the loser! Wo-HOOO!” Due to frustration, I was busy checking my handphone until I heard my friends said, “Liyana! You’re not the loser!” Luckily, friend after me is the loser. Sorry ya.. Heh. Maybe I should explain to the owner how my game is "All sorts of messed up" due to plate tectonics, then lose it in lingo. So, demand compensation. Then I sit down as if nothing happened. Hahah :D

2 busy talk:

nime said...

babe, do u noe dat ppl usually say 'cheese' b4 taking pictures? dat way, i dun look like wat in those pics. duh... jatuh saham~~~

edancoba said...

silallah ke Blog saya utk mnerima AWARD!!!
Thanx 4 da frienship yaa