05 May 2009

Yesterday was a million years ago. And tomorrow will never be the same. I never expect to find darkness in light. I meant, yes, I’ve found my happiness upon him but THEY split horrible words on me. Yuppp! You and your friends. So, do find your satisfaction now? I knew the probability you would read this somewhat a little, but who cares after all? I don’t know what I should do. I hate Tom for creating myspace sometimes. It is hard to say when the nightmares began or ended but they were truly terrible. I thought it were already end that day. Apparently, you heat up the old issues with a blades made of words. But now, you’re not alone. You have your own and true best friend to support you. Yes, like ‘she’ said, I am stupid to stab upon you and not a kind of a good friend. Duh. I’m tired. I guess I don’t need an officially respond to that kind of silly things. It’s up to you to blame my manners and attitude. It’s all written. I may carry an eraser with me constantly, an eraser to erase what you’ve said about me. But it’s not working. You sit atop and you throne like a king. Know what, I’m scared of you sometimes. Really. I’m not kidding. And that’s the prime reason I behave like this. Please don’t judge my attitude. You got the experienced sitting beside me once and you already knew. I’m not going to pay for any rebuttal. Hope you don’t make these became longer and so horrifying that I would wake up screaming. I’m sorry for everything happened… Signing off, bye!

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