16 May 2009

Oh today?

I wished I could have blogged more, but as paranoid as I can be, i feel that people are watching, and watching me, and watching so closely that I think I am so going to close down my myspace/facebook. Bad move to start it.

I guess what i do not want to happen after i turn 18 is to have the life right now, letting time slip away slowly.

then i took the quiz on fb,

it says i will have 18 children. HAHA. fuck off. not funny!! ;O

then i took another quiz that says" the swear word you will use."

and mine's busted.



i should replace it with fridge.

then i read an online article on hitler.

you know hitler was a rejected art student before he became an extremist?

he was rejected twice by the academy of arts.

and here's some of his pieces. (link) the remarks are all biased, and personally i feel that the man was not born evil. look at his drawings and you will understand..

okay, you're not reading.

signing off, bye!

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