30 May 2009

This isn't healthy. For an 18 year old, obsessions can't be healthy. I can list out the many reasons why so, yet I fail at any self-restraint. This will not only eat me up in the physical sense, but subconsciously kill me - slowly. I just know it, and I am not doing anything about it. I hate Nasonex, I hate Ventolin, I hate Ceterizine, I hate Clarinese. Bodoh punya ubat.. Bravo Liyana. I'm feeling better without it. ;)

Life's such a drag. And my rump is aching badly. Gah. Ramblings help when you need to think.

And, another issues.. Home Alone? Probably. I'm not THAT excited since I'm stuck because of college. Not only that, but my family booked a WATER CHALET IN PORT DICKSON. Imagine the seaview! Only snowwhite is the fairest. And my faved cousin who's 16 was begging me to go, he insist that I'm the best road trip buddy. Along with my sisters, I'll miss them. And all the photography opportunities. Oh well.

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