10 April 2009



Finally! The introduction to my new blog. I guess this is the third time, the third blog, and the third introduction I’ve ever faced since I was crazy with blogging. I don’t know what’s wrong with my previous, but I need to take a look and make a change. Heh. The last time I wrote was about me, alone. I guess. Uh-Yeah. But not really. I think that maybe, while I'm sitting here in the living room, (writing about you and me as well), I may have found the answer to the question. Anything. My thought was totally on SOMEBODYYY! *smile* but I don’t really have any idea on what should I write here because I think the complicated version would take much too long for me to write it. SERIOUSLY, blog format is confusing. To my loyal commentator, if you don’t agree, get lost. Haha It's a big world and everyone has issues. The problem is, I don’t have any single one- for this time. Dushh. So, do I really need an introduction? Friends, you know me and you know pretty much what I've been through. It's a pretty long list. But it didn't kill me hence I'm still here ;D *sigh* And and.. my writing currently has no rhythm or rhyme so.. It’s not form of poetry anyway. Thus, whats are you expecting from someone who is not creative enough too write thirty simple lines like me? I just managed to write about below thirty lines. Is that still considered great? Whatever... I already stood at the end of my introduction. Good girl. Heh ;P

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