19 April 2009

Murdered an innocent child

Hey last night I opened Alan's new pages. You know Alan? Moderator of Syokblog. He’s awesome! I admit, I’m not even a little interested knowing any celebrities gossip but I amazed on how he could make sense of his blog. Just eighteen and he able to managed all his web pages. Sometimes I wondered if this Alan really sits in front of computer 24 hours a day! Oh hell, ok, stop talking about that Handsome Alan.. Actually, I want to point my opinion about one of image Alan submitted in his Chelaka Gallery. Hahaha, I'm just fucking sick of those abortions issues. I don’t know whether, that bitch get raped or the condom break, still; abortion should NOT be a legal. In some country, abortion is already a legal. (I’m not pretty sure which one) Yeah, maybe they thought, it's a GREAT way to keep the population under control and ensure tomorrow's world will be less crowded. But I think, that was not a real-method to deal with next generation if we can get EVERYONE to abort. It is more sounds a shortcut way to hide your mistakes. All you have to do is get up, have your boyfriend drive you to the abortion clinic, walk in... and get an abortion! See? Problem solved?

We can’t say that kids these days and in the future have nothing to offer. So what if we might abort the child who will one day cure cancer or AIDS, or become the best president in the world - although that's only a small chance, we cannot just pretend like there's no chance at all.. This world is already shitty as is. If you don’t want that kids, leave it to me. Hahahaha! ;DD

Before you guys proceed to next paragraph, read this first, I’m not that “mommy” in this story ok? And of course I’m not that talking fetus since I am here writing this post. Oh yes, don’t dare to tell me, I understand that embryos and unborn babies could not actually talk. Their souls could, though. Perhaps? Hehe. The word of "Mommy" is used because the center of that baby's world is his Mommy. I just used the short sentences, and sometimes run-ons, because his speech is not too far developed. Hahah! Don’t believe it. Actually because of my bullshit used of English phrase. Please note that this is about the undying love of a baby to his mother. Since I’m not going to be a doctor, I wish that someday, doctors can go into a baby's mind and show how the baby feels. Not to forget, thanks Alan for give me the brilliant idea to write about. Credits for you! Here we go….

Hi Mommy! It's me, your precious unborn baby! (It’s actually supposed to be-Hi mommy! I’m a talking fetus!) You don't know me yet, I'm only a few weeks old. You're going to find out about me soon, though, I promise. Isn't it amazing how I can already speak English?

Gosh, Mommy, I'm just so hyped about being born! The thought of having a chance at life just sends my barely-formed heart-tube a-flutter! Of course, I am a little nervous about the prospect of having to eat with a lamb instead of just sucking your blood through a hole in my abdomen. Will you help me learn, Mommy? Ha ha, of course you will, since staying home and raising babies is what walking incubators--I mean, women are meant to do! ^_^

Wow, I just heard some nice lady tell you that I could grow up to cure cancer one day! What's cancer, Mommy? Is it something that gives people ‘ouchies’? (Wait, hang on..am I spell it right?) Maybe when I'm born, I'll grow up, get real smart, and cure all the world's ouchies! Wouldn't that just be super-cool, Mommy? Haha, I'm just teasing you, Mommy. I'm waiting to experience the miracle of life!I'm so glad you chose life, Mommy. You're making the world a better place. Anyway, I'm glad we had this little talk, but I'm late for my hourly punch to your bladder. Bye bye, Mommy.... see you later. -The End-

If you read this, then you should feel just fine, unless you're one of the millions who feels bad after having an abortion. If that's the case, just read this again. Hahaha. Ok, I don't understand what I'm talking now. Dush!

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hudaaa said...

ada this website, dia tunjuk a foetus being COOKED n SERVED in a restaurant. its sickening. >__<