20 April 2009

Well.. Definitely what?

Last nigh, as usual, I was chatting with my aunt. She received an anonymous IM on her yahoo messenger about young man from Italy.

Him: Hi!

Her : Hi! asl pls?

Him: I’m Mark, from Italy. I want to grind your cock.

Her : I’m 47, from Malaysia.

(So, she told him that, it’s not humanly possible for a guy to “grind” another woman)

Him: Fine, so I haven’t had sex for such a long period that if it were possible, I would re-grow it again.

Her : No thanks…

(So, she signed out her yahoo and IM me that night storied from A-Z)
I just couldn’t stop laughing. My aunt said, she couldn’t sleep until 3 am last night

Me: So what did you do?

Her: Blinking my eyes on bed..

Me: Duhh! Why not you just do the ‘wirid’? (Actually I was thinking whether she would took the sleping tablet but I forgot she haven't had one there)

Her : Wirid? What wirid?

Me : Uuh-um.. “Wirid cepat kawen lah!” Hahhahahahha! (Since I knew she was hit by the constant, desperate urge to get married with whites’ man)

Her : Stop teasing me! (Angrily but still laughing)

Me: Eh, after that?

Her: Ok, continue story.. I slept about 3 something and when I woke up, it’s 6.50 am!!!

Me: Ohh? (So curious) After? after??

Her: What else? Like ‘ribut’ I have to get ready before the assembly start.

Me: LOL. So overall it was about you’re going late for school…? I though what else…

My future uncle (sitting; in black coat) and my aunt (Cream scarf) :D

Our conversation did not end there. They were so many topics I was discussing with my aunt, including she offered me to bank in some cash in my account!! Wow. I love my aunt so much. But I didn’t accept her offer since I was a bit embarrassed. Luckily, that offer is has no end :D It’s kinda a good promotion. Heh. After that, my aunt asked me about my preparation to matrix in Tangkak. I was about thinking to wait for that UPU first. And she was expecting me to get the JPA scholarship by the end of next month. Actually, I’m scared of going wrong. I’m scared of measuring up to expectations.

I know that’s the realization of life and that’s “what everybody goes through” and all that jazz, but somewhere down the line the fear does grip. “What if I fuck up?”, and if I do, What next? I’m just observing by the ‘going-ons’ of things around me and it doesn’t really seem like ‘fun’. Duh. But, thanks God, I got a supportive family and there was a ‘man’ beside me to hold me up whenever I’m down. =)

So yeah, sleeping like a queen in the middle of the “blue-green” waters of the Mediterranean with a gorgeous prince for company and blankness of the mind works perfectly for me.

And this morning I woke up at 6 am which is not something that I frequently do after finished my school. Maybe I was too happy that Chelsea meet everton in final match for FA cup? Hahahahaha! ;DDDD

The best conclusion is, life seemed simple. I wasn’t over-analyzing it. Gheeeee. ;B

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