12 April 2009

Story for you

Once upon another time...a not so beautiful (black-brown eyed princess) sat patiently awaiting a snow storm in hopes that her prince would finally come, braving the cold and blowing winds to make her his own.

She needed him not to provide material things, but shelter her, hold her up when she was down and sad, laugh with her when she was silly, hold her tightly when she was cold, and enjoy being there JUST BECAUSE.

Many ‘winter days’ have passed, and she still sits and waits.

There have been days of laughter, days of tears, moments of lunacy and moments of fears.

Yet she waits...

...and she waits.

Until one night of December, she has dried her tears, faced her fears, laughed at her own silliness and has an electric blanket to keep her warm. *damn it* She don’t need anybody that time.

For that moment, what she awaits is simply the snow storm!

One day of March, the mighty warrior came along in the tail of that thunderstorm. He brought with him the smells, the sights, the sounds and the power of it. She soon fell in love with him. Though she knew that this warrior was to be free, and never really hers, she welcomed him into her castle. There they laughed and sang, they talked and cried. (They even discussing football) His words, his touch, his love made her feel as if she were the most beautiful princess in all of the kingdoms.

The day he was off to his own battle, she knew she would not share her kingdom with him...but would carry his love with her for all of her days..

I don’t know exactly how to continue it. At least there’s a gist. Somewhere, somehow, the princess and prince of this story is somebody and someone. =)

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-zahryn_BPL2SF- said...

uytsss.aku taw cte..cte LZ erh??

muffin's said...

L And...? HAHAHA. perhaps?