11 April 2009

Pen and Paper

Seriously I'm bored. I thought of sending him a text, but maybe I would disturb him then. So, I just checking my profiles and update my blog.

And, weird is, I read the horoscope for today. Hahah. Is kinda interesting.

"When's the last time you used a pen and paper? In this day and age of computers, the keyboard has all but replaced these wonderful tools. In the same way that walking provides much more than fresh air, the kinesthetic value of the rhythmic motion in writing with a pen is far more soothing and even healing than most realize. Moving your hand across the page can feel good and unlock places within you that aren't always accessed by typing. Try it today. "

Although I'm a computer addict, I still love to write pen on paper. The above is so right! For me typing on my computer will never replace pen & paper completely, as e-books will definitely not replace real books. I took the challenge and did some real writing today. Not a form or a list of errands but a letter, a story or a diary; you get the point. So I ask you: when did you do "real" writing? I meant, it's really a 'real'. How often and for what do you use pen & paper? :)

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nime said...

i use my pen n paper evryday honey. so yeah, no matter how good a computer is, i'll still write wif pens n paper. i used my pen almost every day during night. and when i suddenly got ideas for my new story or poem. i'm a 'jiwangers' by heart. wakaka...