14 June 2009

I'm having terrible MORBID thoughts gushing my brains now. I feel totally glutted up and somehow I still feel happy. I'm in serious need of help huh?

Why am I like this??I just read something that I wished I never read. It wouldn't affect a nano inch of anyone else, but I feel horridly affected. As though I have tonnes of weight suddenly plummet on my face and pulverized my essence. Yet, I don't exactly care. Dang, I don't even understand me... period.

I want something badly, but I ignore it. Why? Like when I wanted that handphone, then I thought how great mine already was (even though it has no exciting games, 2.7MB of memory and looks dull). Like when I wanted an iPOD, then I figured that my existing MP3 is the best (even though it's 2yrs old, has stellotape and is 256MB). Like when I wanted so many other materials, but decided that I don't need them. Why am I like that? I ignore things I desire, and truly work for. Because I satisfied with what I have. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don't know...

Down-to-earth? I am stuck by GRAVITY. period.

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