25 June 2009

It's been a while since I've done anything. I've actually been about drifting aimlessly. Waking up, not knowing what I'm supposed to achieve for the day. Going to bed, and not knowing stress. It's not a bad thing per say, but it doesn't feel very good. When there was studying needed, I'd know that I have to do it, and really get down to doing it. It's quite terrible doing nothing.

But I think it's not so bad. Despite all the stress, I actually can say I love what I'm doing. I hope it'll be alright till my contract ends. And till you figure- I do look like a guy if I want to. But I'm GIRLY if I want to be. Who cares? I'm Liyana.

I just realized I'm a very goal orientated person. Though I expect quick results, I think I need long term plans. I'm trying to RELAX badly, but it seems I need something going. Only if I was allowed to work. Nevermind, I'm up in a course 'soon'. That ought to keep me occupied.

Random is great.


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