26 July 2009

everything will be okhay in the end

if it's not okhay, it's not the end.

wise words.
tough life.

so many work this holiday, I'm just so darn caught up with college. I don't mind the pressure per sem. But the fact that I have so many things piled into one is just unnerving. I need an escape. So yes, come SUNDAY, come.

That was school.
At home, it's another storybook.

House is so messy and well, my life isn't close to the word neat either.. But here I am on myspace, reading, surfing the net, reading more and well, slacking - a lot. Then I shout the unfairness to the world. I'm being unfair myself. But I've lived till now and I see no reason to disrupt the course of nature so far. Or am I simply being selfish? Is this guilty indulgence worth it?

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