23 April 2009

A blog of the Day Awards for 23 April goes to...

Blogging is great even it’s boring. Sometimes this is a perfect place used as a punching bag to let it all out. Anger, hopes, and dreams. This is not my first blog. And for a while it was considered fun – I posted trivial details about myself, did the quizzes and memes. I have also learned to accept others I have met through blogging I would have otherwise dismissed. Blogging is a way to reach out and sometimes the only outlet a person may have. Haha. We’re going much serious now. By the way, what I’m going to say is, I was so proud to be announced as the winner for Blog of the day Award.


There’s no money, no throphy, but I agree it was beginning of a new chapter in the life of a blogger. Hehe. I hope that I am still smiling as I look back down on earth. That I ‘m not saddened when whenever I lose my smiles. That time whenever I read again my blog, It would bring joy to me... :)

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Anonymous said...

first of all, i would like to congratulate you for winning a prestigious award in the world of blogging. i too earned a BOTDA a couple of months ago. truly, your blog is very interesting and i'm glad i stumbled on it early this day. keep blogging!

mind if we exchange link? im sure people will be delighted to discover you. thanks