25 April 2009

Saturday 15 Going Random

  1. I'm not obsessed with my own hair. Serious.
  2. I dont like looking up. Dont ask why! HAHA
  3. I don’t like people saying "Hi" to me when I'm online, (except from him) although when it happens, It comes by the bulk. That’s why I kept being invisible.
  4. I sing. Willingly. When no one is listening. LOUD.
  5. I am a certified Miloholic.
  6. I don’t really like the smell of blood. "creeeepppy!" But I need it.
  7. I have too many best friends. And it sounds totally weird, but I'm trying to cut down. Dush!
  8. My soul acts selflessly to help others as My brain thinks up sarcastic and mean things. Eh?
  10. I got time online, and I needed a distraction from Online Games. That’ why I’m blogging
  11. I may laugh for 10 minutes for real jokes.
  12. I weigh more than you expect. (ask me personally for the figure)
  13. I'm a LAKSA QUEEN! i can never get tired of laksa, you name it! Hahah
  14. I blink, a lot
  15. I am not who you think I am

Err? Already fifteen? Can I add one more pleaseeeee? Heh.

I was currently in LOVE with him :)

I'm sincerely sorry for not updating much. Only this for today. Signing off, bye!

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