11 April 2009

What did I do most for this week? Here we go:

Beethoven, Beethoven, you must FOCUS! Total concentration, zero distraction.” :)

My sister, she’s a doctor and also piano tutor at home. She took off for a week before going back to HSI in JB. And this time, I had a coffee with Beethoven. *winking* There’s an old classic piano at my house, a big one and it’s in my room. Hell! It causing my room became narrow and small. And I blamed my dad for it. ;O The last time I touched the piano is last two months before. Seriously, I swear, one small error had much power with this piano. Even it’s only a simple melody, but if interrupted again and again by a false key, believes me; you’re going to hear a sound like a train crash next to you. Duhh. Ok, times up! I’m gong back to practice, see you next time ;)

p/s: Note that the image above is not the real piano at my house, mine is double and tripleeeee uglyy. Dush!

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zell said...

what grade are you? ;)